Air Blow Guns



Air Blow Gun

Polyacetal body, 115mm alluminium nozzle


Safety Air Blow Gun

Professional grade, Snub nose soft rubber tip, Safety model


Silenced Air Blow Gun

Professional grade, 115mm stainless steel nozzle & silencer


115mm Air Blow Gun

Professional grade, Stainless steel nozzle


Professional Grade Air Blow Gun

Professional Grade


Extended Reach Air Blow Gun

Professional grade, 330 to 900mm length


Air Blow Gun Accessories

To suit ABG-3 series Groz Blow Guns


Air Blow Gun Kit

Professional grade, 7 piece kit


What are Air Tools

Air tools (also known as pneumatic-powered tools) are operated by compressed air that is supplied by an air compressor. A full range of tools are available that can be operated via a compressor including blow guns, air hammers, wrenches, grinders, auto repair tools, and more.

When choosing the right air tool, the specifications to keep in mind include the free speed, air consumption, air pressure, horsepower and spindle size. If you need any advice on the air tool products we supply and their benefits, contact our knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to help you.

Why Use Air Tools

Air tools have a strong reputation for being reliable and hard wearing, proving to be an excellent alternative to both battery and electric operated tools. This is because air tools tend to last longer and run cooler than electric and battery operated options.

Air tools also weigh less, making them much lighter to carry and requiring less strain to operate then heavier and bulkier battery operated tools. They also tend to provide more power and faster speeds than the battery and electric alternatives.

The power to weight ratio is also impressive. Air tools are incredibly powerful considering how small and light they are, and they are easy to maintain, with many parts available if any repairs need to be done.

Many air tools also operate at variable speeds and have an adjustable torque, giving you the flexibility to operate the tool as effectively as possible for the job you are working on. In addition to all of these benefits, air tools are often more affordable and cost less than battery powered alternatives.

Keep in mind however that operating an air tool requires being tethered to an air compressor while doing your work, thus restricting your manoeuvrability and the space available to use your tool. Because your tool is attached to a compressor, air tools are best suited for work that is confined to a workshop. However portable compressors are available if more maneuverability is required.

If mobility is not a problem for you, the range of other features and benefits provided by air tools makes them an ideal choice for most tradesmen and mechanics. As long as you can provide a constant supply of air to your tools with a compressor, air tools are a must-have for any workshop.

How to use Air Tools Correctly and Safely

Whatever air tool you are using, there are a number of factors to keep in mind to ensure you are operating it correctly and safely.

Firstly it is important to ensure the compressor you own is capable of running the liters per minutes (LPM) required for the tool. If your compressor does not meet the LPM requirements, you will not be able to operate the air tool correctly and the performance will be severely hindered.

When using your tool, it is also important that it is not operated above the specified pressure. Not only will this reduce the life of your tool, but it can also be dangerous. Check the manual provided with your tool to find the optimal pressure to use.

Safety should always be at top of mind when operating air tools. To adhere to current workplace health and safety guidelines, you must wear safety glasses or goggles while working with your air tool. Depending on the tool you are using, you may also need to set up screens or shields in the area so others are not exposed to flying fragments or dust from the work you are doing.

How to Maintain Air Tools

It is important to know how to maintain your tools correctly to ensure you are getting the most out of your money.

Firstly you should keep your air tools clean by wiping them down with a damp cloth. Depending on what you have been working on, a non-flammable solvent may need to be used. By making sure any dirt, dust, and grime is removed from your tools, you will be able to maintain the tools’ quality for longer.

To correctly maintain air tools, apply 5 drops of air tool oil to the air inlet before and after use to keep it lubricated. Please note that lubrication is not needed for spray tools. Before applying lubrication, read the manual supplied to see if air tool oil is required to maintain the tool you have purchased.

It is also just as important to maintain your compressor to keep it in optimal condition. This can be done by draining condensation daily to keep the compression tank from rusting out as well as cleaning the air filter weekly.

When storing your air tools, make sure they are not kept in a humid or damp environment. Inappropriate storage will reduce their quality over time. Always store your tools in a cool, dry place for optimal performance and to increase their lifespan.

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